The Mother Shipton Trilogy

This trio of plays began in an effort to re-write the Knaresborough Miracle Play. At the time we were struggling to field a team owing to some members commitments to other folk activities so there was an attempt to have plays with a smaller cast and possibly some flexibility to fit the number of team members available, The "stories" in the Miracle play were divided into separate plays, each of which could be performed by a small cast, with a minimal need for props.

Unlike the Miracle Play, the Mother Shipton scripts each contain the traditional death and resurrection aspect featured in most mummers plays, but the cure is dispensed by either Blind Jack or Mother Shipton rather than the conventional Doctor. It is felt that some detailed explanation of the complex plots is necessary in view of the anachronistic nature of the plays!!

Mother Shipton and the Cardinal

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King John and the Traitor

Eugene Aram and the Hermit

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