The White Boys

Another play introduced to the team by member Stuart Rankin, this was an experiment to see how individuals would tamper with the original script rather than a team effort to change the play.   The text came from the Isle of Man but I think there is evidence of the play being found in the Newcastle and Cumbria areas. This will be updated if further information is received.   The play as done by the team is virtually the same as the avaiable script, apart from a small section added by the King of Egypt and St. George’s introductory speech.

The play was first performed on Saturday 13th December, 1980 on a tour with Betty Lupton’s Ladle Laikers in, Folifoot and Knaresborough.   The play was known to the team as the Gas Board play – because it became more difficult for Dave Dearlove, a worker in the gas industry and a stalwart in the side, to be available for gigs owing to the changes being made at that time in that industry.   There was no concluding song at the end of the play.

This shows the original cast “waiting for the call” behind the bandstand at Whitby Folk Festival on Sunday, 22nd August, 1982 – Doctor:Stuart Rankin, Prince Valentine: Vince Doemling, St. George: John Hutt, King of Egypt: John Burrell and Sambo: Henry Ayrton.  

At Beverley Folk Festival on Sunday 20th June, 1999 St.George: Jeff Garner gets stuck in against Prince Valentine: Dave Williams.


Taken at the Edwardian Market in Knaresborough on Sunday, 12th December, 2004, the picture shows Doctor: Chas Marshall administering the cure to St. George: Ted Dodsworth, Prince Valentine: Dave Williams, while the King of Egypt: John Burrell and Sambo: Martin Ord look on.

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