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Bits and Pieces, Tall tales and mutterings!!

Mother Molly gossiping again – and she’s just had a perm!

St. George and the Dragon, Beverley Folk Festival Saturday, 19th June 1999

Mike Johnson, Martin Ord, Doug Child, John Burrell and Peter Lees





Anniversary Beers


Ramblings of a Blue Stotter

Has King George been on the curry again?

Edwardian Day, Knaresborough Sunday 5th December, 2004

Mike Johnson, John Burrell, Keith Worden, Martin Ord, Ted Dodsworth with Dave Williams on the floor.


Hedingham Fair

Yorkshire Garland

It is the Mission of the Yorkshire Garland Group to make Yorkshire’s Folk Song Heritage as widely and as readily available to the General Public as current technology and copyright considerations permit, and at no charge.

Pictures of annual dinner 2007

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