The early success of the first plays and the introduction of the Knaresborough Miracle play, brought requests to provide “guest” bookings at Folk Clubs in the area.   For this purpose Jim Mayer and Stuart Rankin came up with various sketches and entertaining items, Graham Bickerdike recited monologues and John Burrell usually provided the lead for various chorus songs.

Of the sketches one of the most popular was performed by Graham, Jim and Dave Dearlove and was the Rugby League Chess Championship – two rugby players playing chess with Jim doing an “Eddie Waring” with appropriately amusing commentary on the players moves.

Another favourite was the Twelve Days of Christmas – Stuart narrated a series of increasingly amusing letters from a woman who was in receipt of the items mentioned in the Christmas song, punctuated by the singing by the rest of the team, of the appropriate lyrics.

The twelve days of Christmas with John Burrell, Dave Dearlove, Graham Bickerdike and Stuart Rankin at the Borough Bailiff Folk Club in Knaresborough.

We have performed in many sketches usually for our own or Betty Lupton’s parties, such as a spoof Ello, Ello, the Blue Stots Blues, Shoot out at the OK Coral, and the Blue Stots Rap!

Shoot out at the OK Coral – Peter Lees and Ted Dodsworth enjoy Keith Worden’s lovely leg!!

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